Why has my concrete cracked?

Concrete is a natural product that is laid onto a natural and constantly moving surface (the ground). Therefore cracks can appear over time as the ground moves. It can also happen when a inexperienced concreter allows the concrete to dry too quickly. Over time, tree roots can grow under the slab pushing the slab up resulting in cracking.

Can the cracks be totally prevented?

In a word, no. But we can eliminate the likely hood of this happening by putting in expansion joints and cuts in the concrete in specific areas to minimise any cracking. We also ensure the slab is prepared properly. With concrete, it’s what you CAN’T see that matters. The preparation is just as important as the finish.

Why was the colour of my concrete/aggregate different to what was at the display?

Concrete is a blend of aggregates and other natural materials which may change the appearance and availability from region to region. Stones from the mines can change depending on where the colours/stones have been sourced by the supplier.

Ballarat Concreting & Earthworks strongly suggests before you decide on the colour of your concrete that you contact the concrete plant representative in your region for more information about the colour of your chosen concrete to ensure it will be the same as the display you’ve viewed as we do not take any responsibility for colour/stone variations.

What’s the difference between colour in the mix VS colour thrown onto the drying concrete?

Adding colour to the mix is more expensive however it provides a more even and consistent colour. Throwing the colour onto the drying concrete is more cost effective but can seem to have a cloudy look.

What is exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is a hard wearing and decorative alternative to standard grey concrete. It is perfect for pathways, pool surrounds, driveways and outdoor entertainment areas. The exposed effect is created by removing the surface concrete to reveal the coloured stones of your choice embedded within.

A sealer is then applied to protect and enhance the finished product. You can choose a heavier or lighter aggregate exposure depending on your desired look and feel. A lighter exposure creates a smoother more bare-foot friendly surface, while a heavier exposure provides maximum slip resistance.

Why do some concreters quote 1 price then invoice a higher price?

This is called “add on’s”. Some concreters will lure you in with a lower cost price then at the end of the job tell you that they had to order extra rock, use the earthmoving machinery for a longer period of time, order extra concrete or even use a concrete pump to complete the job. Although these costs can be legitimate, they can also add a hefty price to your invoice.

Ballarat Concreting & Earthworks will always quote for the job as is however if we need to use additional services such as a concrete pump, we will always inform you prior to the event giving you the option to decline or accept the additional charges.

Can you help me with my permits?

Ballarat Concreting and Earthworks do not offer permit services. We encourage you to speak to your local council to obtain the necessary permits for your work and are always happy to direct you with what permits are required.

What questions should I ask other concreters submitting their quotes to me?

1) What grade mesh are you using?

2) What strength/MPA concrete will you use?

3) How thick will the slab/concreting be?

4) Does your quote include all extras such as concrete pump & earthmoving etc?

5) How long have you been concreting for?

6) Are you insured?